Friday, June 6, 2014

Momma Pride~

I can’t tell you enough on how proud I am of my little boy and how big he has gotten.

Today we went to the natural food store to look for his new safe food.  Upon arrival, we looked around and could not find it.

So I asked him “What should we do?”  His reply was “Well let’s go ask the clerk” 

Ok this sounded very old for him…  So he turned around and walked up to the cash register all on his own looked up at her with his sweet loving eyes and asked  “Do you have any amaranth balls or flakes?” 

They all just stopped with hands over their mouths almost in tears that this 5-year old knew exactly what he was looking for…. 
So the clerk nicely led him to the amaranth. 
Then Mack asked “Do you know if there was any corn or wheat in with those?  I don’t want to be sick tonight.” 
Her reply was “I am sorry Hun, we don’t know”
He looked at me with disappointment and said “well, I guess we have to go somewhere else, I don’t want to be sick Mom.” 
She did nicely say that if mom gets her the brand that she can carry it there for him from now on…
Mack’s reply was “That would be nice, Thank You!” (so I did let her know what brand we use). 
And yes, I still bought the one he asked for because it meant so much to him and he is going to make crackers for sissy to have with him.


As a mother with a food allergy child, I am so proud of my child for learning so much and trying so hard to keep himself safe and reaction free. 

He was so proud of himself for his first real food pass and wanting mom to make crackers for him.

DISCLAIMER:  The pictures used in this and all posts are property of Mack and family. 
Please no copying or using his pictures or stories without written permission first from his parents.