Thursday, July 31, 2014

  Worth?  What is worth to you?
  Honor?  What is honor to you?
  Trust?  What is trust to you?
  Truth?  What is truth to you?
  Life?  What is living to you?
  Peace?  What is peace to you?
  Freedom?  What is freedom to you?
  Respect?  What is respect to you?
This is my child, that deserves my worth, honor, trust, life, peace, freedom and respect.

Despite the ones that can't follow their own oaths. 

I stand by my child with worth, honor, and respect in truth.

He trusts me to teach him what worth, honor, trust, life, and respect are to bring him freedom.

That is my oath to him.   To teach him the truth and show him what real worth is... 

Because he is worth it. 

~ Good-bye...

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