Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Celebrate TODAY
because you don't know what tomorrow will bring
Tis the season for SOCCER!! 
Both Mack and his sister, Alyssa, love soccer, wait...  LOVE Soccer. 
This will be Alyssa's 3rd year attending the Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp and Mack's 1st year.

Day 2 because we forgot the camera for day one...

Getting a game plan

Wow!!!  Look at him go...
Mission Accomplished!


Alyssa with her soccer face on.
We love how this camp work because they have the young ones with the older ones to help build a respect and a good team approach. 
Plus it gives our kids something else to do together and have fun.
Also and underlying message, is it gives Mack some normalcy and being with other kids his own age instead of in the doctor office all the time.
Yay for Normalcy!!!!
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