Friday, August 15, 2014

Kid Time

A Good Day in the Life of Mack
We went to Story Land in Glen, NH and they had a blast.

Mack was having a good day so we decided to venture out into society and give him some "Kid Time"

Finally the first year I have gotten him to sit on the trunk to watch the spider come down..... despite what he is going through the kid still has spunk and energy.

Nothing like an old fashion
carousel ride with the kids.....   LOVE EM' 

Sissy, Mom, and Mack on the Carousel Ride


Mack playing a Mad
Scientist in the Loopy Lab

Mack on Dr. Geyser's 
Remarkable Raft Ride

A cool train ride at the end of the time to have his feed and
tour the park before heading home.

He was worn and tired (but so were we)
and it was so worth it!!!
DISCLAIMER:  The pictures used in this and all posts are property of Mack and family. 
Please no copying or using his pictures or stories without written permission first from his parents.   

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